Assets for beneficiaries

A new friend that I met at a recent workshop had a wonderful idea. “To ensure harmonic, loving relationships with recipients of your possessions upon your death, one suggestion is: I went through the entire home and listed every item that means anything to me, and the significance. I then put that in e-mail form to my three adult children and told them to list the non-negotiable items by highlighting and list the ones they would be interested in receiving. The e-mail went back and foth three times, with me watching the negotiation, and also feeling sad and very relieved knowing the items would be wanted and loved as i have loved them. It has also been suggested that you take digital photos of items and put the disc in the safe deposit box for when the death occurs, but also for fire and theft to insure the goods are put in the right pair of hands and homes. I then had them sign a letter saying they had agreed and it is in my copy of my will.” I feel this will eliminate the potential for alot of quarreling had you decided for them what they will get. Sweet, simple, and considerate. GREAT IDEA. Thank you for your contribution

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