Professional endorsements:

    • “Planning for your death is the best gift you can give to your family. If you don’t, they are the ones who will be left with the financial and emotional mess that lack of planning creates. This workbook is designed to let you plan ahead, learn what to expect, and what to have on hand when a loved one dies. I have shared this book with relatives and friends. All of them have found it helpful. I highly recommend it.”

      Leighton H. Rockafellow, Esq.
      Rockafellow Law Firm, Tucson, Arizona

    • “Charlotte Fox has taken her own personal experiences and translated them into a helpful and easily understood workbook. and then there was one should be on everyone’s bookshelf. More importantly, take a tour through this thoughtfully organized publication with your family. You will be glad you did.”

      William R. Whittington, Esq.
      Boyle, Pecharich, Cline, Whittington & Stallings,
      P.L.L.C., Prescott, Arizona

    • “Once you have your life and estate planning completed (through the use of this fantastic workbook and contact with any experienced professionals you need to assist you), you can relax, let go of the “what-if” worries, and live a fuller, happier life. If a slim, but beautifully thorough workbook can do that for you, what’s your excuse? I recommend it to every client who walks through our doors, and all of our staff, too!”

      Patti J. Shelton, Esq. (Retired)
      Shreveport, Louisiana

    • If I could travel back in time, I would give every couple a copy of this workbook and make them fill it out. All too often people arrive at my office, after the fact, with little or no planning. From computer passwords to locating important documents, to last wishes, this easy-to-use workbook can positively help every spouse and partner prepare for that inevitable event. During a time when grief can literally incapacitate a widow or widower, this comprehensive workbook will be invaluable. Please plan ahead.

      James D. Schwartz, CFP®
      Strategic Wealth Advisors, Scottsdale, Arizona

    • And to the specific point of your Workbook, whichever of us outlives the other will be assured of a transition that will be as painless as possible under what will predictably be a traumatic situation. I have started filling out the workbook today.

      Al Bell
      Founding Member and Past President,
      California Planning Round Table
      Peoria, Arizona

    • Losing a family member is traumatic. While everyone at some point will pass away, very few people are actually prepared for it. And then there was one helps prepare your loved ones for this eventuality. During a time of intense grief, this workbook arms them with the information that they need to move forward. I personally believe that while everyone should prepare their loved ones for their passing, anyone in a high-risk profession (including the military, law enforcement and fire/rescue), must have a copy of this workbook and should work towards filling it out as completely as possible as soon as possible.

      Major Jonathan Burgess, USMC
      Yuma, Arizona

What others have said about the workbook or workshops they have attended:

  • “I’ve attended many seminars on this subject. Yours is the only one that gives us a plan.”
  • “I have been through the death of one husband. Wish I had had this [workbook] then.”
  • and then there was one is unique in that it is sensitive, easy to follow, thorough, and the only resource of its kind that I’ve seen. Everyone I know could benefit from this workbook to prepare for the loss of a spouse or loved one.”
  • “…to the specific point of your workbook, whichever of us outlives the other will be assured of a transition that will be as painless as possible under what will predictably be a traumatic situation. I have started filling out the workbook today.”
  • “Very informative and worthwhile. Everything in one book.”
  • “I’d like to thank you again for putting these books together. It really was an enormous help to me last year when I lost my husband.”
  • “Everyone needs to hear your message and receive the knowledge.”
  • “This workbook should be part of every family’s planning BEFORE the information is needed.”

    -Jan Toth, Editor, Pinewood News

  • “Her book is great, especially when someone is on their own and needs to figure things out.”

    -Dharmesh Vora
    Certified Senior Advisor specializing in senior financial issues