03CharlotteCMYK-editThe music left my life at 4:33 a.m September 28, 2003. My husband was only 54 years old. We had everything planned for when he retired, but nothing planned for when one of us died. When a heart attack suddenly took his life, I was unable to function, much less make all the weighty decisions that were presented. There was no Will, no life insurance in place, and bureaucratic red tape prevented his pension from starting for six months. The situation was difficult.

My husband and I were not the only ones to make this mistake. I have met so many people with situations that made mine pale in comparison. Situations―all of which―could have been avoided with proper planning and discussion of their wishes. I can’t impress upon you enough the urgency in which these matters should be taken care of. Thanks to the contributions from attorneys, a funeral home owner, a financial planner, a doctor, a nurse, a graphic design artist, and a deputy sheriff, I was able to put a workbook together that could give people all the information necessary for both planning for, and after a loss. You are invited to hold my hand as I navigate you through the complicated maze that lies ahead.

Some of what you will find inside this workbook guide is as follows:

  • Comprehensive, step-by-step checklists, worksheets, forms and calendars to help with the numerous tasks that must be managed.  This eliminates most of the disorganized frenzy (and likely unintended) consequences that follow the death of a loved one while protecting and making the transition easier for your survivors during this traumatic and heartbreaking time.
  • An eight-page checklist with over 70 items to be checked off…some now, before a death, and some later, by your survivors, helping you understand the monumental tasks your survivors will face.
  • Forms and form letters to help the survivor organize their finances and do what they can to preserve their estate and manage all their business affairs.
  • Explanations of how estates pass, your rights as a survivor, and samples of all End-of-Life documents.
  • Forms to make arrangements for your pets and other animals.
  • Numerous tips and suggestions for both the survivor and helpful friends.

Much more is included in this guided tour for your end-of-life planning to simplify this task.

This workbook helps those who are dealing with:

  • The recent loss of a spouse, life partner, or other loved one.
  • Helping a loved one through the first few months of their loss.
  • Helping aging parents who need to plan ahead for their eventual death.
  • Organizing and preparing your family and estate for your own death.
  • Daily work at a hospice care facility, funeral home, or if you are an estate planner, insurance agent, or other professional needing a simple yet effective resource that will help you help your clients.
When you’re incapacitated or dead, it’s too late.

• Plan Ahead • Learn What to Expect • Learn What to Have on Hand