Dying is a Serious and Complicated Business

No one wants to think about the day they are going to die, but your survivors will hope and pray that you do. Experiences with death and dying are crippling at best, but add into the mix, a lack of preparation, financial chaos, family dynamics, exploitation of the survivor, together with a variety of peripheral circumstances, and you have a situation that is paralyzing.

Most of us don’t know where to begin when it comes to our End-of-Life plans. Please allow me to help you before and after the loss of a loved one. Together, we can…

  • Make sure your wishes are known
  • Protect your survivors
  • Learn what information is needed before and after a death
  • Make funeral arrangements
  • Ease the transition to a life without you

Having a Will or a Trust is a good start, but there is much more to estate planning. With proper planning, your survivors can avoid financial devastation, family feuds, mass confusion, unintended consequences and exploitation.

If you don’t plan ahead and put your thoughts in writing, the State, quarreling siblings, or a host of entities over which you have no control, will make your decisions for you. Probate courts are inundated with cases resulting from a lack of planning on the part of families. Please don’t let this happen to your loved ones.



Recommended for those who…

…have recently lost a spouse, life partner, or other loved one.
…are married and want to have their plans in order.
…are single and want to have matters organized for their beneficiaries.
…are trusted friends or family members of the survivor. (They really need you now more than ever.)
…are adult children with aging or a widowed parent.
…simply feel that gifting this workbook to a co-worker or friend would be helpful to them

When you’re incapacitated or dead, it’s too late.

• Plan Ahead • Learn What to Expect • Learn What to Have on Hand